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Malayalam Kambi Kathakal

Malayalam Kambi Kathakal

Dams in Kerala might have come up mainly in the past four decades but being located in the most scenic spots these are now a major tourist attraction of the state. A walk on top of these humongous structures would reveal the splendour and calm of the river down and would also give the traveller, the breath taking sight of the surrounding landscapes. The best time to visit dams in the state would be during rainy season when the flood gates open to let out the roaring jet of water that gushes down to the river below.

Dams in Kerala

Dams in Kerala: Photo by Kumar Mullackal

Banasura Sagar Dam

The largest earthen dam in the country, Banasura Sagar Dam is built on the serene Kabani River in Wayanad district of Kerala. A view from the top of the Dam would give you the splendid sight of the river dividing into tributaries even as it stretches through the enchanting landscape. Bordered by the tall green Banasura Hills, the charm which the river emanates is breath taking. The sight of the string of Islands which are seen once the reservoir gets filled up might compel you to go on a boating tour of the river.

Interestingly, the dam site is also the place from where the adventurer in you can set out on a wild trek. Several trekking spots in Banasura Hills attract more tourists to the place. The dam is located 21 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad district and can be reached on road without much bother.

Banasura Sagar Dam: Photo by rjstyles

Banasura Sagar Dam: Photo by rjstyles

Malampuzha Dam

The 6066 Ft high dam built on Malampuzha river of Palakkad district would be the place which would thrill you beyond limits. The height of the dam and the magnificent scenery around the reservoir would just take one's breath away. Sand banks, rare sight of wild birds and lush green surroundings would give you the visual feast you might just need during your vacation.

The scenic spot also has an amusement park – Fantasy Park, which will offer you rides that will thrill and chill the senses. The amusement park also has a rope way which will offer a tour of the reservoir in carts suspended over 40 feet above the ground. The dam and reservoir are located about 8 km from Olavakode railway station and 13kms from Palakkad town.

Malampuzha Dam: Photo by vinod.sankar

Malampuzha Dam: Photo by vinod.sankar

Chalakkudy Dam (Peringalkuthu dam)

Also known as Sholayar Dam, this dam is built on the tranquil Chalakudy River in Thrissur district of the state. The dam also captures the scene splendour of the river which is fringed with forests and lush greenery. Also one of the popular trekking locations the place is a hot spot for tourists from across the country and abroad. The dam is close to Athirapally and Vazhachal waterfalls which are known for their sparkling white spray and refreshing surroundings.

Located 85 km from Kochi and over 30 km from Thrissur, the place is the best locale to catch the sight of wildlife and rare avaian population. One can get there on road and the nearest railway station is Thrissur.

Chalakkudy Dam: Photo by suffering_socrates

Chalakkudy Dam: Photo by suffering_socrates

Peechi Dam

Built across Manali River, the dam has an unbelievable vast catchment area of 3,200 acres and is the spot which wildlife enthusiasts should not miss. Surrounded by several lush green botanical gardens and fountains with frothing spray, the location is one of the perfect vacation spots in the state. And for those interested in the wild side of nature, boating and trekking is allowed in the area.

If one gets lucky one might just come across tuskers and tigers on the reservoir banks where the Peechi wildlife sanctuary is located. The dense, moist deciduous forests and semi-evergreen forests in the catchment area are also treasure troves of orchids and medicinal plants. During guided tours offered by the state tourism department one could even get a sight of Tigers, Leopards, Wild Dogs, Sambar, Spotted and Barking Deer. Located at a distance of 23 km from Thrissur town, the dam can be reached on road. It is also close to the port city Kochi which is over 70 km away.

Peechi dam: Photo by Lijo Varghese

Peechi Dam: Photo by Lijo Varghese

Vazhani Dam

Built across Vadakkancheri Puzha, the dam is a place for adventure tourism. Those brave ones could go for trek in the forests in the catchment area and experience the lush greenery and undulating landscapes. The place is also developed into a weekend resting spot by the tourism department and hence parks, amusements slots and eateries are plenty near the dam.

Vazhani Dam: Photo by Febin

Mattupetty Dam

Located in hilly terrain in Idukky district, the dam is that spot which is lush green perennially. Also a major source of hydroelectricity, the reservoir is usually full through the year, offering you the perfect location to spend your holidays.

While visiting this scenic location one could enjoy trekking through the dense Shola forests around Mattupetty which is also home to a variety of birds. A walk along the hillside with its many waterfalls and rivulets would bring to you a priceless sense of oneness with nature. The trekking enthusiasts among the group can even follow the rivulets to the spots where the water gushes down forming small waterfalls. The place is also a much favoured boating spot as several tour operators in the area offer even speed boat rides.

Also located close to the hill station Munnar (13 km away), Mattupetty dam attracts tourists through the year.

Mattupetty Dam: Photo by Sanju

Mattupetty Dam: Photo by Sanju

Kundala Dam

Located in the scenic green town of Kundala just about 20 km from Munnar the dam is a must visit spot during your visit to Kerala. Surrounded by undulating hills laden with tea gardens, the visit to the dam would give any traveller a complete sense of stillness and peace which in itself is rewarding. While the view atop the dam is breathtakingly beautiful, one should also not miss the feel of the sprawling nine-hole golf course located in the vicinity.

While visiting the spot one should not give the shimmering blue Kundala Lake a miss. Standing by the lake one can enjoy the stillness of a photographic frame which is splendid with the sedate mountains in the backdrop, the unending tea gardens dissected by a narrow meandering road in the rear side, fleeting mist up above and a mirror-like lake down below.

Kundala Dam: Photo by Anoop Joy

Kundala Dam: Photo by Anoop Joy

Parambikulam Dam

Built across the serene Parambikulam Lake, the dam offers a bird's eye view of a sprawling green landscape. With the Shola forest, a natural abode of teak trees surrounding the dam, the place is the spot a wildlife lover should not miss. The Parambikulam Wildlife sanctuary situated in the lush green forests around the reservoir is treasure trove of flora and fauna. Over a hundred different species of mammals and birds are found in the area, nature lovers say. Also close to the Silent Valley the place is a must visit spot. Located in Palakkad district the place can be reached on roa

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